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Nestons specializes in technological and IT-related services such as product engineering, warranty management, building cloud, infrastructure, network, etc.

A New Spin on Ideas

Our Priority: Your Online Presence at the Highest Possible Level. We provide data-driven, strategic and result-oriented social media and other internet marketing plans that genuinely works. We ensure special consideration to every single client and deliver personalized marketing solutions to support brands seeking progressive social media recognition.


An all-in-one, agile Enterprise Resource Planning platform to manage and accelerate your business operations – marketing, sales and administration, etc.

The central feature of this AMS system is a shared database, which supports multiple functions used by different business units within an organization. Get insights into your financial standing, consumer software solution incorporates following primary features.


Alexa Board

An easy-to-integrate, cutting-edge platform for companies to focus on employee management by streamlining all workforces attributes into one business intelligence solution to meet strategic objectives.

Automate and simplify your HR operations with our easy-to-use and scalable HRM software. Seamlessly connect Alexa Board with your favorite apps you use every day.

Swift Ryde

A fully responsive, imaginative and interactive car booking app for fast, reliable and convenient rides in minutes. This online-enabled platform is designed to connect passengers and nearby drivers with their own vehicles; helping riders to get rid of waiting for cabs or local transport and possible delays.


A Full-Fledged eCommerce marketplace with a mobile-friendly UI designed to connect buyers and sellers irrespective of the business scale. Online vendors can enhance marketing pipelines, drive more customers and improve ROIs with this high-load, mobile optimized, enterprise-ready software solution.

Incarto facilitates home-delivered product vendors to improve their online visibility and boost product sales with customized online stores using this progressive web app – available on iOS and Android platforms

Tasker Pal

An innovative, feature-rich home service platform, built on the latest technology stack, where people can find and hire experts, online – for multi-site facility maintenance, cleaning, auto repair, beauty care and many more.

The developed solution is time-saving, scalable and dependable, making it possible for people to search and engage professional home service providers quickly and easily.


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